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Legacy Lines Collection

We're excited to unveil our new collection, a tribute to the high schools that have shaped Las Vegas over the years. Channel your pride and memories of the halcyon school days with our fresh, reimagined designs, showcasing your high school mascots and logos in a whole new light.

Our exclusive collection will feature dozens of new designs, each capturing the unique spirit of our city's high schools. We've taken a cherished piece of local identity and given it a fresh, fashionable spin. From the prowling Las Vegas Wildcats, to the sturdy Rancho Rams and the fearless Western Warriors, we're launching our collection with the first three high schools ever built in our vibrant city.

Las Vegas Is More Than Just A City

It's a community, a history, a shared pride. Your high school experience is part of that story. What better way to express your local love than with a stylish tee that takes you down memory lane?

As time goes on, we'll be releasing more designs. But for now, seize the moment! Choose your favorite design, don the colors of your alma mater, and carry your high school pride with you wherever you go. After all, your high school story isn't just history – it's part of what makes you a true Las Vegan.